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 The sun is the main source of infrared heating.

 The infrared waves travel long distances in space with minimum energy loss and heat the Earth which, in its turn, gives out heat.

- maximum thermal comfort

- even distribution of heat

- automated control systems

- keeps walls dry, moisture-free

- no maintenance required

- energy saving, 98% efficiency

- cheap to install and repairs(upkeeping)

- very durable

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Modern infrared heating systems

The PION infrared heating system is suitable for all types of buildings: houses, schools, offices, industrial facilities, etc.


 It is natural, economical and comfortable, can be applied to a large array of situations and brings you numerous benefits, unlike the traditional heating systems.


 It has 98% efficiency, a very large life span of over 50 years, it is cheap to install and requires no maintenance.



How infrared heating works?

Basically it is the same principle as solar heating: the sun rays heat the soil which in its turn gives out heat. Infrared rays can travel very long distances with little loss of heat.
 The traditional heating systems suffers from the loss of heat in the pipes between the source (thermal power plant) and the location (house), while keeping the right temperature is done by heating the air around the radiators.
 The PION infrared heating system has minimum power loss in the circuits and the desired temperature is reached by using infrared waves to heat the objects in the room, the floor, the walls, the furniture, etc., just like the sun does.






Convective heating (classical)







Infrared heating




While in the case of the traditional heating system the highest temperature is in the upper parts of the room which means a waste of energy, the infrared heating system has a direct effect on people and objects, providing superior comfort with minimum loss of energy.





Convective heating (classical)







Infrared heating




 Therefore you can save money by saving energy.

 Read about the benefits of the PION infrared heating system.




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