The benefits of PION infrared heating are multiple:







  • energy savings - 94-98% efficiency
  • maximum thermal comfort, heating is done from the floor up
  • even distribution of heat, the difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling is only 4°C
  • automated control system
  • keeps walls dry, moisture-free, so dampness is no longer a problem
  • cheap, quick and easy fitting
  • low cost for renovation
  • no maintenance required
  • quite extended lifetime
  • no exhaust pipes
  • no licence or permits required
  • quick comfortable heating of a room similar to that of the sun
  • environmental-friendly, no air pollution or noise
  • low operating costs, 30-50% lower than traditional heating systems
  • easily adjustable to heat an entire room or only parts of it
  • no draught or dust floating in the air
  • no need to buy, transport and stock fuel
  • more room for your needs
  • no dry air or cold floors any more
  • completely child-proof (the system is fitted into the walls or ceiling)
  • improved blood circulation, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflamatory effects; helps treat neurological conditions (neuritis, myalgia), dermatological (boils, abscesses, eczemas, smallpox), traumatic lesions (sprains, fractures, muscle contractions)
  • can be easily moved to another location
  • ecological





Sistem de incalizire cu raze infrarosii

  Energy loss during transport is almost non-existent for the infrared systems, whereas in the case of traditional heating, some of the thermal energy is lost between the plant and the destination. Also, the PION systems have little power loss in the wiring of the panels.

Sistem vechi de incalzire

Convective heating (classic)


Infrared heating








  While in the case of traditional heating the upper part of the room has the highest temperature, thus wasting energy, the PION system directly heats the people and objects in a room, offering more comfort at a lower energy consumption rate.

Incalzire prin convectie

Convective heating (classic)

Incalzire cu raze infrarosii

Infrared heating










Unlike traditional heating systems, the PION system:
- has no moving parts, thus no maintenance required
- causes no convection draughts, thus limiting dust circulation in a room
- does not require any fans or filters
- can be fitted under the finishing layer of the masonry
All this leads to lower energy consumption and lower heating costs.

Furthermore, infrared radiation has a beneficial effect on the human body. Once absorbedm it is turned into heat, which, in turn, stimulates blood circulation that helps heat up the entire body as a result of molecular oscillations inside the body.

More info here.

Air conditions are homogeneous and due to a low level circulation of air currents, there is a very low level of movement of dust particles.




The PION heating system is ideal for both new houses and redecorating your old one. Cost savings will occur at the very designing stage, because you will not need:
- a room for your boiler or other tradition heater, or for storing fuel
- pipes and radiators to heat up the house
- no periodical chimney sweeps, no charcoal dust or gases in the air
- and, the most important of them, infrared heating will keep your walls dry, mould-free while maintaining an optimal temperature all around the house


 Officies and other public facilities

It is more enjoyable to work in an office where there is no dust floating in the air carried by the draughts of the traditional heating systems. Moreover, individual control units can let you set a certain temperature for each room in a building.


 Schools and kindergartens

Infrared heating is best for educational facilities because:
- it is safe, child-proof and convenient
- there are no convection draughts
- keeps the floor warm and the children away from catching cold.

Infrared heating is also a clean system ideal for hospitals as there are no fans, filters or convection draughts as is the case of the traditional heating.