Panouri radiante cu raze infraroşii - încălzire alternativă


Health benefits

  Infrared radiation (IR), with a wavelength of 4 to 14 microns, are beneficial to our health, being easily absorbed by the human body. They are well known in the medical field for their effect on the physiological transformations at the molecular level, with an important role in the bodily thermal regulation in living organisms.
  In contact with the body, Infrared rays heat up the water in the cells, revitalising them, improving blood circulation, stimulating the metabolism and the oxygen intake. IR rays are also used in saunas. Unlike the traditional saunas, the IR saunas trigger a higher perspiration level due to the deep heating of the body, which depends on the wavelength of the radiation.
  Research on this topic has been carried out worldwide. You certainly remember the infrared lamps used in medicine, and infrared thermal booths have been around for almost 20 years
  Tests carried out in the USA, Japan and Germany have revealed positive results of using such  infrared thermal booths. A study conducted by Prof. Dr. Meffert and Dr. Piazena of the Humboldt University in Berlin looked into this topic a bit deeper. The table below is an excerpt of that study showing multiple uses and benefits of such booths. The type A infrared radiation is used only in hospitals, such equipment being restricted to use by authorised medical personnel only.


Use and physiological effects of IR

Sauna Raises inner temperature of the body
Increased heart rate
Heart exercises
IR radiation Lowers arterial blood pressure Detoxification (cellulite removal)
A/B/C   Increased blood circulation at the skin level
Stimulates metabolism
Heart training
Reduces risk of infections
B/C type IR radiation Gradual heating at skin level
Heating of the body


Inflammation therapy
Dilatation of blood vessels and reduced arterial pressure

A type IR radiation Gradual hypodermic heating
Raises inner temperature fast

Cancer therapy

Rheumatism therapy
Treatment of infections/inflammation


Is infrared heating harmful or not?

  The controversy on this topic arises from the word "radiation". Many people, hearing the word "radiation", automatically think of something harmful and lose sight of beneficial radiations. They usually believe IR radiation is the same as UV or microwaves used in the ovens, but they are completely different things. UV and microwaves are harmful, indeed. On the contrary, IR radiation is nothing but beneficial to the human body.


  Along with the IR radiation, the panels emit particles which have a strong antibacterial  and odour removal effect. They also give out NEGATIVES IONS which neutralize free radicals with the direct effect of stronger immune system, not so early ageing signs and an overall good mental state.
  The combined effect of these actions gives out heat which goes deeper that the skin surface, a similar effect of that used in physiotherapy. It heats up the body fluids (the human body contains about 70% water) and increases physiological vitality which leads to the temperature felt by the person to be 3-4 degrees higher than that of the environment, a thing that does not happen with traditional heating.
  Furthermore, even if the panels are switched off, the antibacterial, antiviral and odour removing effect is still active, and all that with no power consumption. All pathogens are neutralized within the five minutes since the panels begin to function, so they can no longer come in contact with our bodies.





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