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 PION Thermoglass glass heaters - a new generation of infrared heaters. Not only do glass heaters profit from the previous models but they also ave improved performance in key aspects, being the next step in the evolution of infrared heating. Radiant infrared panels are unique due to their patented innovations and latest nano energy technologies used in manufacturing them.





  Glass - an amazing thing. Its emission factor, that is its ability to beam infrared waves, is superior to any other material traditionally used in the manufacture of infrared heating panels. Infrared radiation largely depends on the qualities of the material and the treatment of the radiant surface. The Thermoglass company has created a unique multi-layer heating panel using the latest, unmatched technologies. The PION Thermoglass radiant panel has a smooth, flat, perfectly polished glass plate with a transparent metallic oxide coating applied using special technologies. Thus, the emission factor of the panel is almost the highest possible.


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  The structure of the heating element is another key factor. The heat transfer area has been increased resulting in an increased efficiency. We can safely assert that, for the same power input, the Thermoglass heaters have the lowest power consumption as compared to other infrared heating systems.




  Special care is given to the high reliability and safety of the PION Thermoglass panels. The heating element is highly resistant (up to 15 KW of power and 350°C of temperature, including high variations in temperature and power) which makes it literally indestructible.  
  The wiring is carefully hidden inside the heater thus eliminating the risk of electrocution or other injuries. Furthermore, the thermally treated glass can stand very high mechanical pressure. It won't break even if cold water is poured on it after being heated to 90-160°C.
  The Thermoglass company is so confident in its products that it would offer lifetime warranty for them. Unfortunately the Russian legislation does not allow that, so the official warranty of the glass heaters is limited to 3 years. However, should your heater break down within the next 47 years, it will be serviced for free (provided that the glass has not been broken by the user, of course).



  Not surprisingly, radiators are a constant problem for interior designers. Although they are not used all year long, the pipes and radiators must be concealed so that they not spoil the beauty of the house. Apart from the minimalist interiors (hi-tech attics, Japanese and Scandinavian styles), it's all clear: the purity and concision of the design, strict and minimalist lines, no nonsense - traditional radiators are no match for the latest fashion trends. Any tricks involving concealing panes or screens can improve the aesthetics, but they also significantly diminish heating efficiency.
  The PION Thermoglass panels are the first heating system to be practically invisible - fully transparent elements fitted on the walls or ceiling do not spoil the interior. Furthermore, when taken into account during the designing stage of the house, the Thermoglass panels (transparent, black matte, coloured or any model upon request, mobile or fixed) become an element of design in themselves.



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